Frequently asked question

You doesn't need a licence or road tax.While you can legally ride a zeus bike anywhere standard bicycles can be riden.(you cannot ride on highway)

More infomation on warranty page (check below)

We do! Test rides are offered at our zeus bikes Showroom or any retail partners store

Yes, if you do not want to pedal you can use the pedal assist or throttle.

It will take between three and six hours to fully charge your zeus bike battery dependent on the zeus bike model that you select.

Yes, to clear any doubts regarding compatibility and support, we went above and beyond designing our pack with the ability to be serviced in the future.

While zeus riders are free to modify their bike and make it their own, certain modifications are dangerous and will void the warranty

For the zeus bike common parts and accessories, you may get your zeus bike serviced at any local bicycle shop. For the electrical components such as electric bicycle motor, lithium battery, controller, indicator and so on, please kindly visit our retail partners or contact us for zeus bike services.

Zeus bikes are not designed to accomodate Riders below the age of 16, this includes Passengers.

To clean your zeus bike, simply hose it down using a low water pressure and wipe clean. Try to avoid pouring water directly over any electrical components; although these are water resistant it's always best to be careful! We would advise strongly against using a jet washer to clean your zeus bike.